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You can see it. You can feel it. You will enjoy it for years and years because quality furniture lasts. From seeking the very best source for teak to perfecting the ideal powder coating for aluminum surfaces, Terra furniture is constructed with the finest materials.
Curves, proportion... it would certainly be faster for us to leave out stunning design details that no doubt drew you to the line in the first place. But, we're not going to do that because we relish those details and know that they set us, and you, apart from others.
Here's why
is the best
money can buy
It's about pride... ours and yours. It's the nature of perfectionists to want to do the best work possible, then try to figure out a way to do it even better. It's in the details, of course. And, we won't cut corners to save a few dollars. For instance, we fully weld our cast frames.
Recognizing superior quality is part of the enjoyment of being able to buy the best. Investment in furnishings for your home makes a strong statement about your understanding and acquistion of things of value. From the generous proportions of our chairs to the uncommonly thick cushions, you deserve this kind of luxury.
We all have it. Terra helps you show off yours. Our designers share their outstanding talent for design and style while setting new standards in the crowded industry. Subtle finishes, textures that make you want to touch, timeless shades, and shapes that will please the eye for decades all boast great style.
Terra Funiture is both beautiful and practical. Every piece is manufactured to withstand frequent use and the elements. Mild soap and water will freshen any of the cast pieces, and merely wipe down the teak. Durable, color fast cushions are filled with quick drying polyfill.
This may be the most important benefit of owning Terra Furniture. If you combine all of the significant points made on these two pages, it adds up to incredible value. In fact, the pieces selected will become one of the best investments you make this season.
All the frames have a warranty for 10 years from the date of purchase. If the frame fails structurally from normal usage during this period, we will, at our option, repair or replace the frame without charge. Customers must submit original sales receipt with claim. Terra will not accept returned goods without written authorization. For commercial use, the same warranty applies for a period of 2 years.
The founders of Terra have been in business for over four decades each. They founded Terra Furniture with the same mission it operates by today. Build the best casual furniture and accessories and back it all with the sincere promise of satisfaction.